South West Safeguarding and Child Protection Procedures

These online procedures are aimed at carers, practitioners and managers to ensure you know what to do when you are worried a child is at risk of harm.

They are part of the South West Child Protection Procedures, so all local agencies have agreed to work within these guidelines.

To find your way around the site, hover over the ‘Procedures’ button above. Click the button for a short guided tour of what we have done to the site to try to help you in your work. We want you to keep coming back – soon you’ll be able to join the newsfeed below to get regular updates on what is happening to protect children, or let us know what you think of the site (each page has a ‘contact us’ option).

The procedures are being updated to a new, leaner format. See theRisk to Unborn Babiespage for an example of how all sections will look in the coming months.

In the news section you’ll see changed and updated procedures, together with research, guidance, theory and legislation we’re linking into the site. Click Latest News for an up to date list.

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We are continuing to update the procedures and there have been further changes made.  The sections on 'Getting Help', 'Assessment' and 'Children's Development' have all been updated to improve the... read more

Quicker access to specific issues

We've moved the items under children's development, parenting capacity and environmental factors higher up the order so you can access them in the first tier of the menus under 'Specific Issues'. This should help... read more

UPDATED - sexual exploitation

Much in the news recently we've added in a lot of learning from the outcome of serious case reviews and clarified the role of everyone working with children. Explore the sexual exploitation section here... ... read more

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